The Bible and Other Works of Fiction

The Bible and other works of fiction?  Ok I admit that is a somewhat misleading title for a blog entry about spirituality. Despite the pretentious title I am actually hoping to be fairly serious in what I write on this subject, this is a very personal subject and in not […]

The bible

devops loop

Devops and the Art of Being Lazy

My job title is “Senior Engineer, Devops”, no one ever understands what it is that I actually do.  So here we go down the rabbit hole of what devops is.  The short answer is nothing, really it is a buzzword that people use to describe and formalize something that a […]

What is the universe? Where is it going?

What is the universe? We live in an infinite universe, this is completely and totally a given.  To break this down a little for people that have trouble with this concept, everything in existence exists within the universe, the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate, it would be impossible […]

beautiful galaxy

national pride

The Fall of National Pride

I was born and raised in England, one of my earliest memories was of having a street party to celebrate the marriage of Charles and Diana, it was a big deal, I mean a hugely big deal. Looking back a couple of generations and people took enormous pride in their […]